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Strategically located in Strabane, Leckpatrick Oils is well positioned to supply domestic, commercial and agricultural customers in the North West of the province delivering to Omagh ,Newtownstewart ,Strabane , Londonderry , Eglinton ,Claudy ,Donemana and surrounding area's. The company's aim is to give the oil user a fast, friendly and efficient service that reflects our dedication to delivering the highest standard of customer service at a competitive price.


As a domestic customer, you will receive a service dedicated to keeping the family warm, comfortable and secure. From the beginning the sales staff quickly recognise your needs and strive to build up a friendly, long-term relationship. The most intelligent choice for home heating.


The commercial/industrial customer will be no different in terms of customer care and value for money. As a business, we understand the commercial community and in doing so, direct resources and alter our service to satisfy the oil users needs. Their needs may be slightly different but our value of them will remain the same.


Based in a rural environment, Leckpatrick Oils have the experience and knowledge to service the needs of the farming community as required. As well as having a great business relationship with the farmer/s the company has successfully focused on their demand for particular products and directed their business to accommodate this.

All in all, Leckpatrick Oils are a customer-orientated business, which continues to grow throughout the North West as more and more people experience "the service you can warm to."


DERV is a distillate fuel manufactured from selected crude oils and carefully blended to impact desirable performance related properties to the fuel, such as quick starting and smoke control. Its successor ULSD that was launched on July 3rd 1998 is a new diesel product with 90% of its sulphur content removed during refining. This significantly reduces emissions of sulphur and nitrogen oxides and particulates. The levels of emissions will have a direct impact on the improvement of urban air quality.


1. ULSD provides exceptionally low temperature operation and protection from injector and pump wear.

2. ULSD is designed for use in both high and medium speed diesel engines.

3. Its fuel properties are seasonally adjusted to maintain good temperature operability.


The most popular oil for domestic heating appliances is a regular grade Kerosene. This oil is refined to a high quality exceeding the requirement of British Standard specification BS2869. Its quality ensures very good burning and economical characteristics.


1. Clean burning fuel, which reduces the risk of polluting the atmostphere.

2. Competitively priced which makes it an attractive option for domestic heating.

3. Kerosene burns with a high heat output, which makes it efficiently viable.

Gas Oil

Gas Oil 35sec is a distillate fuel manufactured with a dual purpose. This "dual purpose" fuel is recommended as a boiler fuel in domestic or light industrial installations with pressure jet burners and as a diesel fuel for off -road commercial, industrial and agriculture engines. It is also refined to a standard, which exceeds British Standard Specification BS 2869.


1. A dual purpose fuel

2. Maximum heat output for heating boilers

3. Efficient combustion in off-road diesel engines


The Kingspan GSP oil storage tank is rotationally moulded from premium quality medium density polyethylene. This material contains stress free and protective quantities, which disregards any maintenance and facilitates easy handling and installation. They are ideal for safe storage of heating and commercial oils. It is for these reasons that the Kinspan oil storage tank is the choice of more and more oil users throughout the province.

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